January 5, 2021

Gerry is an enthusiastic wildlife gardener and conservationist,
currently writing a book about wilding the urban garden in the year of Corona, 2020

Photo of Gerry Maguire Thompson in wild

Wilding the Urban Garden, a story of transformation and Covid is the story of the development of a successful wildlife habitat in a small urban garden, and the transformative experiences this has brought to the author’s life, told over the period of nature’s year. The year is 2020  and the experiences have included facing a lengthy and serious bout of Long Covid. Connecting with the garden turned out to be a key factor in recovering from the illness as well as coping with the restrictions arising from the pandemic.

The author talking about the book:

BBC radio interview with author about the book:


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The public at large have also become more interested in wildlife and the outdoors over the last year; David Attenborough recently called 2020 ‘the year we fell in love with nature.”

This book is about the rich experiences  you get from having a diverse natural ecosystem right outside your door, like:-

enjoying noisy, quirky sparrow society;

spotting the wood-mouse that lives in the bottom of the compost heap;

discovering evening that you have a female stag beetle onsite because males of the species are homing in on your garden;

being shocked by a sparrow-hawk exploding into an unsuspecting cluster of smaller birds;

or savouring the occasion when you discover that a hedgehog has been visiting your garden every night.


Photo of Bee Orchid


Photo of wildlife garden