January 5, 2021

Gerry is an enthusiastic wildlife gardener and conservationist,
currently writing a book about wilding the urban garden

Photo of Gerry Maguire Thompson in wild


About the upcoming book

Wilding the Urban Garden is the story of the development of a successful wildlife habitat in a small urban garden, the transformative experiences this has brought to the author’s life, and how urban wildlife gardens can make a huge contribution to local, regional, national and planetary ecology. It also provides a guide to establishing your own thriving wildlife haven.

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BBC Radio interview with Gerry about the book:


The author talking about the book:


The story is told over the period of nature’s year –  2020
– the year when, as David Attenborough said,
we all fell in love with nature.

“Your book sounds absolutely wonderful
– I will definitely buy it when ready.” – Kim Cockburn

read extracts from the book


“An enjoyable read…good points about wildlife and conservation
….ties wildlife gardening in with global pandemics
– two things close to people’s hearts.”
– Michael Blencowe,
Senior Communities and Wildlife Officer,
Sussex Wildlife Trust



This book is about the rich experiences  you get from having a diverse natural ecosystem right outside your door, like:-

enjoying noisy, quirky sparrow society;

spotting the wood-mouse that lives in the bottom of the compost heap;

discovering evening that you have a female stag beetle onsite because males of the species are homing in on your garden;

being shocked by a sparrow-hawk exploding into an unsuspecting cluster of smaller birds;

or savouring the occasion when you discover that a hedgehog has been visiting your garden every night.


Photo of Bee Orchid


Photo of wildlife garden