December 19, 2017

Do you want help getting your book out?

…the one you’ve been thinking about for a long while, but don’t know how to go about it?
…or you’re just too busy to get around to it?

Gerry Maguire Thompson is an experienced editorial consultant, co-author and ghost writer, helping other authors get their books out for over 20 years. He has worked at MIT Press, East West Journal, Building Design magazine and was editor of Macrobiotics Today magazine.

Business books are a speciality. Services available:

– help in forming and developing your idea for a book

– writing a proposal and sample chapters to send to publishers

– advice in finding a publisher, or on self-publishing options

– co-authorship or ghost writing services for a whole book



Colour Healing inc foreign editions, co-authored with Ambika Wauters:

Colour Healing by Ambika Wauters and Gerry Maguire Thompson


The Pilates Bible, inc foreign editions, co-authored with Jo Ferris:

jacket of The Pilates Bible


Energetic Selling & Marketing by Lenka Lutonska, edited by Gerry

Energetic Selling and Marketing by Lenka Lutonska


Social Selling & Marketing by Denis Zekic, edited by Gerry:

Gerry Maguire Thompson edited 'Social Selling and Marketing'


The Authority Guide to Profitable Pricing by Shaz Nawaz, edited by Gerry:

Business Pricing, by Shaz Nawaz: front cover