October 31, 2013

Training and coaching in humour and comedy

Many people would like to be able to be funny….
But many of those people think that this is beyond their power – not true!
Everyone can be funny when they learn how to do it – and activate their natural and very individual ability.

Gerry offers training in comedy and humour, helping you:

– develop confidence and creative self-expression
– be funny and entertaining

as 1-to-1 coaching for individuals

as a group training event for groups and organisations

One to one coaching

A video about coaching in public speaking with confidence and humour:

Individual coaching in comedy skills can help  you:

– incorporate humour skills into your repertoire, or into a particular speech or presentation
– develop your own confident and individual sense of humour
– incorporate humour into other activies, such as writing or musical performance
– become a stand-up comedian or improviser

.Sessions available in Brighton or London UK, or by Skype/Facetime.

Gerry has coached many thousands of individuals to confidence and success over a period of twenty years


“I did a 5 minute open mic comedy spot in Brighton, and WOW it went really well! I put most of this down to Gerry helping me through the journey of writing and performing – but most of all giving me belief in myself”.
– Jon Austin, Austinwebs creative website design

“I have had a number of one-to-one sessions with Gerry. His approach to comedy and public speaking is genuinely unique, and his experience is vast. There is something that I have learned from Gerry in every one of my talks and presentations. If you get the opportunity to use Gerry I would take it – you will be enriched by the experience”
– Martin Henley, MD Effective Marketing Company

Please use the contact page to book a session or arrange a phone chat

Teaching comedy based skills for groups and organisations

Our classic DIY Comedy workshop, on Hong Kong TV:

Gerry gives hands-on seminars and workshops
on topics such as:

– how to be funny
– how to do stand-up comedy
– confident public speaking and self presentation
– creativity and self-expression


“Real fun…each of us grew in confidence and creativity”
– London Evening Standard

“We cannot thank you enough, Gerry. The whole experience for the group and myself was just so positive, I was so impressed with their confidence and the great support you gave them, and that was feedback from the individuals themselves. Performing has given them a new belief in themselves which we haven’t seen. Thanks for all your input, the group and staff are so grateful, it was such a fantastic project and opportunity.”
– Jude Bitton – Community Connector

Please use the contact page to book a session or find out about public trainings

Gerry’s teaching work has won several awards including a Sony gold award

Sony Gold Award logo


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