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 Cats are from Venus,
Dogs are from Mars
……the ultimate template for human relationship
volume 2

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Her: “I can’t believe you don’t even know why I’m annoyed!!!”

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Rewilding the Urban Garden:
a Diary of Nature’s Year

Wilding the Urban Garden is the illustrated story of the development of a successful wildlife habitat in a small urban garden and the transformative experiences this has brought to the author’s life


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Great Post-it Notes from History….that nobody noticed

Great Post-it Notes in History is a humorous exploration of the question: What if the great historical figures we think we know so well used post-it notes – but these notes weren’t always noticed?

Humorous postit note from Brutus friend of Caesar

Here is an imagined selection of those post-its never spotted by those they were intended for; how different the world might be today if the intended recipients of these small but crucially important documents had paid a little more attention.

The  collection includes post-it notes left by such eminent historical figures as:

–          Adolf Hitler

–          Alexander the Great

–          Julius Caesar

–          Ludwig van Beethoven

–          King Louis 16th of France

–          Michaelangelo

–          St Paul the Apostle

–          Horatio Nelson

–          Karl Marx

–          Marilyn Monroe

–          Gustave Flaubert

–          Abraham Lincoln

–          Helen of Troy

–          Moses

–          Mahatma Ghandi

–          William Shakespeare

–          Joseph Stalin

–          Albert Einstein

–          W A Mozart

–          Leonardo da Vinci

–          Genghis Khan

–          Winston Churchill

–          Frederick Nietzshe

–          Sigmund Freud

–          Elvis Presley

–          Confucius

–          Anne Frank

–          Cleopatra

–          Jane Austen

–          Florence Nightingale

–          Emmaline Pankhurst

–          Audrey Hepburn

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