New Age parody

Astral Sex – Zen Teabags, an illustrated New Age spoofapedia comes out in Europe in March and in US in June, so here to celebrate are a few of my favourite bits. It’s a tongue-in-cheek dictionary of all things new-agey – designed to amuse, whether you love it or whether you hate it.  Comments welcome…… …

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Signs of a gentleman

Top signs of a modern gentleman today, as required of the modern woman*: 1) Carries you home from a night out if your feet are hurting 2) Calls you in the morning to make sure you got up in time 3) Tells you if your skirt is tucked into your knickers

Depressed, or just British?

DEPRESSED MAN DIAGNOSED AS “BRITISH” George Farthing, an expatriate British man living in America, was recently diagnosed as clinically depressed, tanked up on anti-depressants and scheduled for controversial Electro Shock (convulsive) Therapy when doctors realised he wasn’t depressed at all – only British.

Life is a jigsaw puzzle….

“Life is a jig-saw puzzle, but they don’t give you all the pieces” – Gerry Maguire Thompson

Canine aromatherapy products from Zen Teabags Holistic inc

Zen Teabags Holistic inc is proud to launch a whole new range of aromatherapy products – for your canine companion. Woof-Woof-Yum-Yum is the exciting new range of essential oils, specially formulated to please the dog in your life. Remember  though – these are to please the dog, not you!

review: ‘Astral Sex to Zen Teabags’

“Once in a lifetime comes a book that will totally transform your life, help you find your true direction, and reveal to you the very mysteries of existence itself… This is not that book. However, it is the funnietst, most brilliant tongue-in-cheek guide to New Age jargon yet published” – Om Yoga magazine

Living in the present #4

Sabotaging the present: We’re often prone to squandering the present moment. Do you ever find yourself doing one thing (washing the dishes, Pilates practice, making love), but thinking ahead to the next or later activity (wondering what to cook for dinner, next week’s Pilates practice making love with someone else), perhaps wanting it to stop, …

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Review for ‘Astral Sex etc’ book

“I laughed my head off. This is a wonderful look into the “New Age” movement. Tongue-in-Cheek, but cutting through to truths. This is a wonderful time to raise endorphins with a good guffaw.” – The Editor, The Messenger

Painting of great wave by Japanese painter Hokusai

Living in the present #3

The problem with dwelling in the future Of course, there’s a very important place for looking into our future so that we can follow a structured plan and anticipate certain eventualities; but we must always come back to the present in order to put plans into action. Yet how much time to we often spend …

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