January 19, 2012

Gerry Maguire Thompson is a best-selling author, standup comedian,
Huffington Post blogger, keynote speaker and comedy trainer


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Gerry describes his journey to empowerment through comedy……

Gerry is an author whose books have sold over half a million copies worldwide in more than twenty languages. more info here
Gerry is a blogger for the Huffington Post.and for the Medium blogging platform.

Gerry is a professional standup comedian and improviser more info here

Gerry is founder and director of Positive Comedy, running training and coaching services for people in business, mental health service users and professionals, youth organisations, and regular folks. Common training objectives include confidence and self-presentation, communication skills, team-building, and humour.

Gerry has been engaged to run training sessions and courses for staff of such organisations as American Express, JP Morgans Investment Bank, LLoyds Bank,  Scottish Power Learning, DAF Trucks, the Environment Agency, Southern , the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, and Alternatives London

See www.positivecomedy.com

other activities

Gerry also runs courses and workshops on writing comedy and humour for writers’ groups, colleges and adult education institutes. He is standup comedy tutor at Brighton Institute of Contemporary Theatre Training.

Gerry channels a disreputable spiritual entity named Guru Chikkentikkenanda, who answers audience questions about life, the universe, problems, dilemmas and cooking recipes.


was born in Tipperary,Ireland, and grew up in Belfast. In 1977 he undertook a life-changing journey through Afghanistan, Kashmir and the Himalayas. Returning home, he gave up his career in architecture to become a ‘spiritual seeker’. Wishing to do things properly, Thompson relocated to the USA, and immersed himself in the Californian hotbed of New-Ageism – doing every workshop, following every guru and consulting every psychic in sight.

In 1985, Gerry was initiated into the esoteric buddhist Kalichakra tradition in the mountains ofSwitzerlandby His Holiness the Dalai Lama of  Tibet. He then moved professionally into the world of personal growth and spiritual development, becoming a Shiatsu therapist and healer.  He also began to write on subjects of holistic health, wellbeing and humour. Gerry has now written sixteen books, with more on the way. The goals of this work revolved around resolve personal issues, living one’s dream, creating personal freedom, expressing  one’s unique creativity, enjoying life – and being funny.

Gerry has been working in the mind-body-spirit world for over thirty years, offering talks, seminars, workshops, counselling and healing services. He has also worked as a fruit picker, truck driver, magazine editor, and book designer.