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Inspirational Gamechangers by Gerry Thompson et al  Front cover of 'Inspirational Gamechangers' Chinese edition

Gerry is lead author of the business book, “Inspirational Gamechangers: How the best business talent create astonishingly Successful Companies” – published by Financial Times/ Pearson in 2015/ Chinese edition now out more info as featured on

The Guide to Chinese Horoscopes:

Cover of The Guide to Chinese Horoscopes

US: Sterling/ Simon and Schuster
UK: Watkins Books/ Osprey

Other books…

cover photo of The Shiatsu Manual     The Shtiatsu Box set by Gerry Thompson

The Shiatsu Manual has sold over 100,000 copies in 11 languages

Manual for trainers and coaches in presentation skills      Cover photo, Feng Shui Astrology for LoversCover photo of Colour HealingThe Encyclopedia of the New Age, by Gerry ThompsonSoduku Astrology by Gerry ThompsonPhoto of the Celtic Oracle Set by Gerry ThompsonThe Celtic Oracle, by Gerry ThompsonCover photo of Meditation Made Easy

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