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Cats are from Venus, Dogs are from Mars

Cover of Cats are from Venus, Dogs are from Mars

Gerry’s best-selling parody of love, romance and sexual relationship between men and women – 60,000 copies sold in ten languages. Illustrated in colour by Madeliene Hardy

“The perfect antidote to books about relationship”


“I read the book to our cats and dogs. My wife and our rabbit listened too. It has helped us all!”
– Bernie Seigal, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

“A hilarious parody”
– Hilary Boyd, The Express

“It really touched me”
– Shelley Love Bonkers, author of My Heart is a Big Fat Pink Balloon.

Astral Sex to Zen Teabags:
an illustrated new age Spoofapedia

Astral Sex to Zent Teabags front coverFindhorn Press
illustrations by Anne Ward and the author


“Witty and informative”
– Time Out magazine

Loved it… very funny, and  timely”
– Sue Townsend, author of the Adrian Mole books

“I laughed my head off. This is a wonderful look into the ‘New Age’ movement.
Tongue-in-Cheek, but cutting through to truths. This is a wonderful time to
raise endorphins with a good guffaw.”
– The Messenger

“I found reading it to be a good lesson in not taking the soul-searching path too serious. This is something hardcore seekers need to be reminded of now and again. A well-rounded life includes a generous portion of joy and laughter”

“Once in a lifetime comes a book that will totally transform your life, help you to find your true direction and reveal to you the very mysteries of existence itself. This is not that book. However… it is the funniest, most brilliant tongue-in-cheek guide to New Age jargon yet published.” — OM Yoga

“This handy and humorous reference guide provides definitions of the most popular new age terminology with laughs on every page. Complete with illustrations of select definitions, this dictionary deconstructs and skewers the most popular and pretentious of phrases. From Archetypes to Peacemongers and so much more, this is an entertaining resource for the new age enthusiast who isn’t afraid of a little self-deprecation”
– Miriam Knight, New Consciousness Review

“From the author of Cats Are From Venus, Dogs Are From Mars, you might say that this is an antedote to pompous and over-serious newagery, with a fair sprinkling of enlightenment thrown in. In fact, that’s exactly what we do say!” — Bill Anderton,

“In this funny compendium of definitions of New Age jargon, Thompson draws out plenty of our chuckles.” – Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,

“A fine collection of spoofs of gurus, therapies, and new age mysticism. Fun
cartoons accompanies these spoofs and poke fun at all manner of beliefs and
ironies in a fun and whimsical collection”
– Midwest Book Review


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The Weekend Shaman… and other dodgy characters

A humorous send-up of mind-body-spirit archetypes, illustrated by Anne Ward

The Weekend Shaman by Gerry Thompson

The Past Life Experiencetantric sex freak_


“New-agers will be cringing at the uncanny accuracy of Thompson’s descriptions. The antidote to the sometimes venomous parodies is the affection with which the book has obviously been written. Have a laugh at this book – and at yourself”
– Fortean Times

“This is perfect for anyone who is sanctimonious, with a knitted pullover”
– Big Issue magazine

“Thank heavens for The Weekend Shaman! Far too many people seem to have left their sense of humour behind. And laughter, they say, is often the best medicine!
– Here’s Health magazine

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