October 31, 2013

Training in humour and comedy

Many people would like to be able to be funny….
But many of those people think that this is beyond their power – not true!
Everyone can be funny when they learn how to do it – and activate their natural and very individual ability.

Gerry offers training in comedy and humour:

  • as 1-to-1 coaching for individuals
  • as part of presentation and public speaking training
  • as a bespoke training event for groups and organisations

Our classic DIY Comedy workshop, on Hong Kong TV:

DIY comedy courses held regularly near Brighton UK

Coaching or training in comedy skills can help  you:

– incorporate humour skills into your repertoire, or into a particular speech or presentation
– develop your own confident and individual sense of humour
– incorporate humour into other activies, such as musical performance
– become a stand-up comedian or improviser

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