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October 31, 2013

PTWC frontPresentation Training with Comedy

by Gerry Thompson


– how to use comedy and improvisation to teach presentation and public speaking
– for trainers, facilitators, teachers, coaches, and anyone who runs groups
– practical explanation of how to run hundreds of training activities, including variations for size of group, learning outcome, type of presentation etc


1: Introduction
– the essence of comedy
– why comedy is such a valuable approach for learning and development
– the power of improvisation: for trainer and trainee
– how to use this book

2 My journey into comedy and improvisation

3: Guidelines for running a comedy based training session
– devising a training programme using comedy based training methods
– creating the right ambience for a session
– tailoring training activities to different groups and participants
– dealing with challenging groups or individuals: disruptive, shy, nervous, conflictive, negative etc
– adapting and inventing your own training activities

4: Getting the training session started
– things to bear in mind
– introductions, ice-breakers and warm-up activities

5: The main training activities
– how to run a wide range of training activities for developing all aspects of self-presentation and speaking

6: Comedy genres and shows for comedy training
– stand-up comedy
– double act
– comedy sketches
– other formats
– putting together a performance as part of a training programme

7: Teaching people how to be funny, part 1
– the universal building blocks of humour and comedy

8: Teaching people how to be funny, part 2
– comedians’ tricks of the trade

9: Using humour appropriately
– guidelines for avoiding offence and other difficulties

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