Secret Jam: a tale of rural intrigue

home made jam and breadThis is how it began.

Every Tuesday morning, I travel to the delightful Sussex village of Ditchling for yoga class; I’m the only man among thirty delightful Ditchling ladies. At the end of class, another delightful group of Ditchling ladies takes over the space for a choir rehearsal. As part of this activity they make wonderful cakes, chutneys and jams, and sell these to one another to raise funds for the choir. I purchased a jar of this home made jam from a delightful choir lady at the produce table, and brought it home; it was the most delicious jam I had ever tasted.   Continue reading “Secret Jam: a tale of rural intrigue”

New Age parody

Astral Sex – Zen Teabags, an illustrated New Age spoofapedia comes out in Europe in March and in US in June, so here to celebrate are a few of my favourite bits.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek dictionary of all things new-agey – designed to amuse, whether you love it or whether you hate it.  Comments welcome……

Things which people repeat ad nauseam about what they would like to have happen in their lives, instead of actually doing something about it.

Nobody actually knows what this word means, but it is now so widely used that no-one can afford to admit that. Other terms which no-one will admit to not know the meaning of but use a lot to pretend they do: paradigm, process, gestalt.

Pretentious term for being rude

Male who poses as a shaman purely in order to pull women.

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The ancient Celtic concept of thresholds in time and place


”This is a time that is not a time
In a place that is not a place
On a day that is not a day,
Between the worlds, and beyond….”

Why is the Celtic festivals of Beltane (April 30th) and Samhain or Hallowe’en (Oct 31st) traditionally associated with spirits entering our world, and with potential for divining the future?

What were the medieval royalty of Europe up to when they went out at dawn on the first day of May, to roll around naked in the morning dew in a most undignified manner? Continue reading “The ancient Celtic concept of thresholds in time and place”

DIY comedy courses near Brighton UK


DIY comedy workshops: next session

Saturday July 23rd 2016:  £10
10.30-12.30   Shoreham by Sea

for anyone who would like to create comedy – or just be confident and funny

In this hands-on workshop, you will have the opportunity to have a go at creating comedy, whether it’s…

– stand-up comedy
– creating a humorous sketch
– learning improv
– giving a humorous speech eg at a wedding
– or just wanting to be more confident at being funny

The number of places is limited and advance booking is required.
To book a place, please visit

or email
or call UK 07986 561860