The transformative principles of Buddhism

The powerful transformative principles of Buddhism, for life, work, happiness, fulfilment and success

“Do not pursue the past; Do not idly hold out hopes for the future. The past is already discarded And the future has not yet arrived. Thoroughly discern the nature of the present, in the midst of reality. Simply set your heart on doing What must be done today”
- Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha

People think that Buddhism is all about giving things up, and sitting still all day, meditating – but that’s not necessarily the case. Many people also think that it’s about humble pennilessness and austerity – it isn’t. Continue reading

Farewell, Sue Townsend

Photo of author Sue Townsend




We note with sadness the passing of the excellent humorous author and great human being Sue Townsend, who kindly said of Gerry’s Astral Sex to Zen Teabags: “Loved it… very funny, and  timely”.

Sue is best known for the very funny and delightful Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 and its sequals. which made her the 1980s best-selling British author.

Her first brush with literature was being sacked as a teenager working in a clothes shop, upon being found crouched in the fitting room, reading Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol.

Sue was a life-long socialist, and her 1992 book The Queen and I depicted her majesty coming to terms with life on benefits.

Everyone had a good word to say about Sue Townsend.

Secret Jam: a tale of rural intrigue

home made jam and breadThis is how it began.

Every Tuesday morning, I travel to the delightful Sussex village of Ditchling for yoga class; I’m the only man among thirty delightful Ditchling ladies. At the end of class, another delightful group of Ditchling ladies takes over the space for a choir rehearsal. As part of this activity they make wonderful cakes, chutneys and jams, and sell these to one another to raise funds for the choir. I purchased a jar of this home made jam from a delightful choir lady at the produce table, and brought it home; it was the most delicious jam I had ever tasted.   Continue reading